Service Offerings

Safety Services Canada meets your health and safety needs:

  • Safe forklift operation
  • WHMIS compliance
  • Proper transportation of dangerous goods
  • Professional driver improvement
  • Comprehensive health and safety program development
  • Safe and responsible babysitting

Occupational Safety is currently the primary focus of Safety Services Canada because it is one of the key areas where a consistent national program can be the most effective and most beneficial to Canadian workers.

We save larger companies the time and human resources required to organize, coordinate and implement training at multiple sites throughout the country. Smaller companies and independent businesses can use our services to ensure that the education and training employees receive is on par with national companies in the same industry.

We are also building programs and services that address the everyday issues Canadians face outside the workplace, applying our professional knowledge to promote safety and health practices at home and in the community.

Safety Services Canada offers comprehensive, coordinated credible safety, health and injury prevention services and promotion - all from a professional perspective and all from a single source.