All Safety Tips

When operating a lift truck - never ride the inching pedal. This causes premature transmission and brake wear.

12% of all lift truck accidents occur when employees fall off elevated forks.

All lift truck operators are legally required to have Forklift Operator certification.

Cuts, amputations, crush injuries and fractures are the most common hand injuries.

"The best way for employers to reduce their assesment rate is by preventing workplace injuries in the first place." WCB President and CEO - Doug Sexsmith.

The entire workplace benefits when hazard risks are identified and addressed... before an incident occurs.

Driver fatigue is a key factor in vehicle collisions.

"Involving people in the business is the most effective way to produce an organization in which people know more, care more and do the right things." Edward Lawler III

Distractions while driving can be dangerous if it takes your attention off the road.

Be familiar with the equipment in your car, such as the climate controls, audio system and cell phone. This is especially important if you have a new phone or unfamiliar vehicle.

Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. If you choose to use a mobile phone, use a hands-free device, keep it in its holder, and keep conversation to a minimum.

Make sure your children are comfortable and properly buckled up. To keep children from distracting the driver, provide them with safe items they may need for the road trip.

Pull over to eat or drink. Give yourself a break from the traffic and enjoy your refreshments. Someone choking on food or spilling coffee in the vehicle can take your attention off the road.

Check your route before you leave. If you are unfamiliar with where you're going, study a road map to plan your route. Don't try to read the map while driving.

Finish grooming first. Don't rely on the time in your vehicle to take care of your personal routine such as applying make-up, combing your hair or shaving.

Avoid emotionally charged conversations, either with passengers or on your mobile phone. Such discussions can lead to aggressive or erratic driving behavior.

Never take notes while driving. Always find a safe place to stop before writing things down.

Drive defensively. Be prepared for the unsafe actions of other motorists or for poor driving conditions.